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Target your resources to maximise business growth through
Funding, Business Design and Business Support


A Multi Disciplinary Approach


Accessing funding is critical for growth and we start working on accessing funds after we conduct a business planning and design process so we can understand how the company can reach and succeed in the market. We have expertise tapping funds in the form of EU funded business support measures, bank finance, and from Private Investor Sources.


Business Design

The business structure should be designed to align to the market. We therefore start the process by first analysing the market and the best performers. Next we look at the Unique Selling Points and strengths of the Client, to identify the best structure within which to be present in the market. This is not a one time exercise as technological innovation and new players continually change the playing field.

Business Meeting

Business Support

Business Support Services help you convert your plans to action with Services that include Strategy Development, Chief Financial Officer Services, Accountancy and Payroll, Human Resources, Financial Planning, Strategy development. We also help with acquiring necessary certifications and licences from regulatory bodies to make sure your plans get off the ground.

An Integrated Approach For Growth

With our team of associates, we can combine business planning, expertise on EU funded business support measures, tax planning, investor network, digital presence partners, and experience in managing regulatory bodies and authorities. This will mean an integrated approach to grow your business and direct support from every angle​ to navigate your growth journey.

business diagnostics



"Business Diagnostics has helped us set up a web based travel agency in Malta. They took care of all the registration process with different government departments and service providers in a cost-effective manner and are now assisting us to develop our products and services and to grow by helping us access business support measures and EU funding. We are looking forward to a long collaboration with Business Diagnostics"

Roberto Musella / MeTour

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