Meeting Room Business

Website Development

New generation websites and payment gate-ways engineered to maximise sales closure. We employ state-of-the art technologies to deliver our services seamlessly


Funding is available in the form of EU funded business support measures, bank finance, Private Investor and Crowd-Funding Sources.


Business Design

Business Design Services include Strategy Development, ICT Systems creation-integration or updating, Management control setting up, Human Resources training, Financial Planning, Marketing recipe (formulation, blueprint)

Business Meeting

Business Support

Business Support Services include Strategy Development, Chief Financial Officer Services, Accountancy and Payroll, Human Resources, Financial Planning, Strategy development.

Business Planning

Identifying operational and funding requirements

A business plan will detail key operational milestones, market landscape and help identify financial parameters. We have a tried and tested business plan process that will not only provide the financial data but is a live document that will  keep you keep on track with your operational and business goals.

Non-Refundable Cash Grants

Non-Refundable Cash grants to Start or Grow Your Business

A number of business support measures in the form of non-refundable cash grants are available from business planning, ICT, Research & Development, Diversification and Innovation and Internationalisation are available.

Malta Enterprise Schemes

Business Support Measures​

Malta Enterprise Schemes are in the form of tax credits and the cash grants and are usually directly linked to employment levels.


Funding Alternatives


Funding, be it Bank Finance or Venture Capital or EU funded business support measures are critical for growth.


We help you source funding after conducting our structured business plan process.

Website Development

Website Development​

A proper website, engineered using new generation tools for sales closure is a necessary weapon to maximise revenue. We design a complete web package and we continue to analyse client interaction well beyond the launch date.


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